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Inventor on demand...

To help Marketing work

Concept design

ForMarkets Capture and free media event

Ergonomic design

For Satisfying Customer in ameliorating user experience


For Satisfying stakeholder including your customers

To help Engineering work

Problem solving

By bringing rapid solving fortime saving

Low cost design

By bringing high simplifications for cheap and easy manufacturing

In which deliverable form ?

Vocal Communication

If you need Urgent Solution face to blocked situation

(Email, Chat, Webcam exchanges, Quick In Situ Verbal Proposition)

Rough Drawings and Text

If you need Fast Solutions

Functional Prototype

If you need a Demonstrative Solution

Analysis report and 3D Images

If you need Complete ReDesigned Product or New Concept

For which price ?

Satisfaction Award

I'm mainly paid on on a satisfaction award mount agreed at the beginning of the work. If you are not satisfied, you don't paid this award.

Only expenses are paid during my work.

In which product field ?

Manufacturing industry

From needle to tunneler ...

Fabricated Products, Furniture, Machinery and Equipment

With which competences ?

My diploma

Marketing (4 years postgraduate level)

Quality Management (1 year postgraduate level),

Industrial Design (master’s degree level.)

My experience

My major knowledge come from my long-time reading, searching and invention activities.

I'm Freelance Designer since 6 years after experience as Consultant with mission to improve in few weeks productivity, saving and rapid profit through proposition of practical methods for passing from 39 to 35 hours week time work according to the new French labor law and after other numerous experiences in eclectic domains.

My Knowledge Progression

Since 3 years I learn

...Ecodesign and


Ecology approach is a good method for better

... Cost Optimization (less from nature)

... Market Opportunities (more for human).

My key skills

Globalknowledge of customer and product launching, Marketing of innovation, Problem solving, Concept building, Creativity stimulation,Solidworks (top down design), Rhinoceros, Office software, Methodology

In which spirit ?

Ecological Mind

Ecological mind is according to me the best way for avoiding any waste both for company and human society


Simplicity is the shortest and safe way that conduce to the solution and prepare simples technical way for the following stages of engineers


JM Juran said “The man whose only tool is the hammer will see a nail in every problem”.

So, I prefer to use a lot of analysis tools and what is more I create Specific Tools to fit exactly to Solution Searching Needs


I make Thorough Context Analysis before any solution searching in order to build the Most Complete Solution that prevent any problem for future

No Apriorism

I have No apriorism about what is possible, no job position limit, no past syndrome, no fashion consideration about technology or another thing

Who I'm

My name is Georges Koussouros


I'm from Bolivia, Cyprus and France and live in France

This is my Vcard

PROinvention Network

PROinvention label comes from idea to make about invention activity a more industrial service with a Kaizen approach that builds from experience a process that fits to customer industry process.

(The prefix "PRO" means "AHEAD" as "project" means jet ahead and so on for "profession" "profusion" "product"...)

So PROinvention has the ambition to be PROactive in term of reflection (industry mind) and action (energy oriented ahead for future).

I search some partners with same ambition for building an innovation focus team that encompass specialists as changing manager, risk manager, marketer, quality manager, neuronal architect, ecoindustrial, problems seekers, sociologist and a lot of new innovation job sponsors.

I'm building industrial design company directory, marketing company directory, engineering company directory that describe competencies of each potential designer engineer marketer freelance and company partner for reacting rapidly to huge project.

Come to Network !

Alone, you are considered as tramp and you are not credible for having any work.

Together we can sell us as complete team, we can manage bigger projects, we can work in better technical and psychological condition, we can exchange passion and knowledge's, we can work up to 100% only on your passion without spending time on selling and other obligations, each member do what he know the best so that our team is 100% efficient....

V Card
78 Av Champs-Elysees 75008 Paris FRANCE



100 concepts of cosmetic packaging  >>Non sold case showed here website


Tube facilitation of cream’s giving out, through the practicality of the jar. Morevover jar can be detachable from the tube for going in the handbag as below. Of course jar and tube are automaticaly closed on unmouting position.

SelfBolting Door and Windows

selfbolting doorThe door leaf goes into 3 sides instead of bolt by final and diagonal traveling.
It locks with several incompressible wedges that build in same time complex and scattered combination.
Customers can protect her family and goods with better result.
Company Captures Market
- application for more than 500 kinds of closing device in building and transportation.
-obvious robustness for customer
-lightness windows
- cheaper price
Company keeps Market
- distinctive product that make obsolete the competitors
- selling of specific accessories and services.I have a working prototype for you and can bring you design help and patent. Complete information for selling. Send this link to a partner

Fertilizer Mixer Packaging

fertilizer mixerThis Packaging has 3 compartments with separately Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
These 3 basic elements of fertilizer are floured with different flow speed that are varying between according packaging head orientation.
Customer can fertilize her garden with only one packaging.
Company Captures Market
-shop keepers appreciate shop shelf space reducing (Usually you have to sell at least 7 kinds of fertilizer mixing boxes for the garden).
- more distinctive packaging in shape and function on shelves.
Company Keeps Market
-cartridge using selling face to no distinctive product as the fertilizer one. Send this link to a partner

Spring Compressor Tool

spring compressorThis spring compressor is for changing strut of car's shock absorber.
The old one was made with hydraulics jack, pedal and 10 claws for 5 sizes of spring.
In the garage, the car is elevated to 2 meters on the bridge, so this compressor is positioned under the car and you can activate bridge for compressing spring. .
Moreover, errors & accidents risks and work condition has been ameliorated because of multi-claw disc and magnet use.
Customer works in better condition
Company Makes Better Profit
- with Manufacturing Cost reducing by 3 by hydraulics jacks and pedal elimination, claw device Simplification and elimination of the manual model
Company Captures and Keeps Market
-ergonomic concept
- fair price. Send this link to a partner

Anti-picking key with closing indicator

flexible keyFirstly, Long flexible key reaches lock mechanism through long and curved tunnel so that burglars can't introduce lock picking or drilling. Here the key is wound up.
Secondly, key using provokes change of indicator in "closed" or "open" message with a simple disk witch turns according that turn force is clockwise or anticlockwise.
Customer have more security guaranty about closing for avoiding useless come back for closing visual verification and burglar proof resistance
Company Captures Market with this nice customer attention. Send this link to a partner

goggles (security glasses) with earplugs

goggles with earplugHarmful activities for eyes are very often noisy too. So, I propose the presence of adjustable earplug at the end of the gloggles'temples that you have to put in you ear for wearing the goggles so that the worker take care of his ears in the same time.
Company Captures Market with this ergonomics amelioration and by selling earplugs in add of goggle selling.
Send this link to a partner

Solution proposed to BP

BP solution made with clampYou fix some jaw at the top of the BOP.
Jaw have pivot for putting level with half of cap.
So, after, you cut the rise at the top of the BOP.
Juste after, you push the level with a jack for example and so the half of cap close the end of pipe.
you connect the rise on the left.
when the new rise has been set without pressure, you close the righ outflow.
After closing of the 2 half o cap, we put a second complete cap on the 2 half of cap.
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And For you, What Solution ?

cautionFurther informations and Customer References are confidential

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78 Av Champs-Elysees 75008 Paris FRANCE