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BOP problem

Rise pipe has several damage
Pressure of oil is very hight so the it's very hard to pass something just face to the leak
So, we need a closing device that fit to damage and is set without to pass just face to the leak
BP riser

Solutions proposed are published here so that they are given for public domain and can't be patented

BP closing device Proposal

First proposal - multitap strategy

  1.  You can screw 100 small open taps along the broken riser
  2.  You set new rise at the end of the broken riser and you close the big hole at the start of the broken riser (the bottom of the BOP) because pressure can be drained through the 100 open taps
  3.  You close the 100 small taps when pumping is working

Second proposal-half of cap mounted on level

  1. You fix some jaw at the top of the BOP
  2. Jaw have pivot for putting level with half of cap
  3. So, after, you cut the rise at the top of the BOP
  4. Juste after, you push the level with a jack for example and so the half of cap close the end of pipe
  5. you connect the rise on the left
  6. when the new rise has been set without pressure, you close the righ outflow
  7. After closing of the 2 half o cap, we put a second complete cap on the 2 half of cap
You can have a set of jaw connected by cable (vertebral column on tension) if the rise is bended or/and damaged for keeping the end of rise in good condition
Here there is a set of 3 jaws
In this manner, you can set the device on a curved rise because of damage
Of course you can set a jack at each side of the device (Jack is not showed here)
Half of cap can be replaced by a half of cylinder in the case of leak at the middle of the rise (not at the end)
You put some lead seal for avoiding that the seal leave the half of cap when we close the 2 half of cap

BOP version

BOP cap

Rise version

closing device with level and cap

Third proposal - sling strategy

BP Sling solution

Fourth proposal - A cylinder with elastomer pillows

that works as a tensiometer
A cylinder with pillow inside