Complete information file transfer selling

Armored door leaf is very heavy. So this concept needs hinges capable of hight robustness despite their articulation design and hight force control despite their smallness for making possible easy management of the door leaf moving.


  1. Hinge solutions for 150 kg (armored door), 1 ton (strong door) and 10 tons (blast door) panel weight
  2. Manoeuvring solutions for door leaf translation with existing hanldle, with specific level or with electrical engines
  3. Locking solutions for blocking the translation and building mechanical combination
  4. Stabiliser solution for dead position
  5. Joint solution for airtight and for watertight (rain and flood)
  6. Finger guard solution
  7. Various technical ideas usefull for door industry come from long time thinking

Possible Deliverables

  1. Complete book with Text explanation, Rough Drawings, 3 d drawings
  2. Working Prototype on a scale of 1/2 with 2 complet hinges and manouevre mechanism in full scale and designed for 150 kg door full scale prototype
  3. Patent file registration in course usefull for having exclusivity and permitting international extention with internal priority concerning hinge solutions, finger guard and other usefull technical solutions
  4. Design and Marketing help for best product lauching

Wath is interest of file and prototype buying ?