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"CrossFlow" UX navigation system created by Georges Koussouros
Website in experimentation step. Graphic work later...
"Flexscroll" Scrollbar image system created by Emrah Baskava

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What I Can do for you ?

See also...How I guaranty you result ?How I work ?How I cooperate ? Who I'm ?Contacts me.

My general objective is not to show off creativity but to guaranty relevance about problem (customer need) & solution (customer benefit offer based on high value design or cheap design) for making good money in happy adventure.

value versus cost

How I can guaranty you happy work and happy financial results ?

Happy work guaranty

I can stimulate all you team with newness and playful possibilities by bring of unbelievable fun and smart thinks and with success facilitating for future.

In important group with a lot of former competitors now bought by group, it's good way for helping enemy people from various cultures to become work friends in exciting common project.

I prepare the work for marketer in proposing better idea before that marketers convert into marketing offer for more marketing effectiveness because of society study and understanding.

I prepare the work of engineer in proposing more simple technical solution more easy to realize or new one with new exciting engineering work because of different thinking than traditional engineering.

Financial result guaranty

Your marketing expenses become more effective because your communication effort for convincing become lower

I have long training of 30 years of problem analysis and creativity time because of passion.

Theory of 3 S Smiles of Customer chain

3 smiles; 3 spheres, 3objectifs; 3 professions; 3 targets; 3 missions X

Theory of 3 smile

How I work.?

About problem

With Stong sense of file preparation for avoiing any big difficulties later

With data structuration andsysteme thinking for complet analysis

With no standard methods that could conduces to banale solution

About problem

I make strong analysis based on psychosocial analysis.

About solution

I use infinite creative techniques invented according problem undestanding for guarantying relevance.

How I cooperate ?

With Strong agreement base

The true need for innovation and the quality of collaboration is essential for very innovative project.

So I try to build exchange on good agreement steps and contract claims.

I studied law by passion (that conduces to my research work about good faith) and so have good knowledge about commercial law.

With any creative business and collaboration process

I'm not very easy with negotiation part but same time my creative mind help me ti imagine and accept any kind of collaboration and payment process.

Mainly by writing

Writing help me for good structuration of work.

Who I'm ?

Come to take a coffee !

face Koussouros

Let's go for innovation adventure !


 Georges Koussouros


Vcard koussouros   Vcard

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76-78 Av des Champs Elys�es
75008 Paris
(in France One month a year)

About Crossflow projects

crossflow ux navigation system KoussourosI imagined this navigation principle for my website. I didn't find any java or css code for this kind of navigation system so I done by myself. It take some time

Scrolling system principle

It's like a building with some levels.

Each level is specific hall with some dedicated rooms.

If you want more in room you can go in new more specific hall with only some other room about it.

Graphic playing possibility

With this kind of dynamic layout we can do a lot of kind of graphic playing. It will be second step of website evolution.

01Product design creativity


To find new solutions


To imagine more
attractive products


To create the keystone 
of your marketing offer


To simplify the product


To offer new 
customer experience,
to improve
the using quality


To enrich the product
Fields: Concept, Engineering, Invention, Design, Marketing, UX, Ergonomics, Human Factor, Innovation,
Scroll travelator

First example:


Design & Prototype work

Self Bolting Door concept with mechanical solution

We don't need bolt because door panel moves like a giant bolt so that we have strong closing for cheaper price

Ergonomic safe because same human use , just push or pull handle.

Prototype realized

A lot of engineers said me it's impossible to make it. So I decided to make a working prototype and so now can sale you door with solution.

I invented new kind of mechanical part. The simple hinge is made with 4 spare parts.



Low cost design

2gr plastic pen versus 6gr BICplastic pen

2 deleted plastic part (top and bottom cap)

Main body can swivel for closing pen and is reduced to mainly hand hold.

Another more revolutionary invention of calligraphic ballpoint pen for sale


Security solution & Concept for ergonomics

Key with open indicator

When you don't close the door the key show you status of you door.

A flexible & anti twist key is wound up on a magnetic cylinder and is unwound for going in a long and curved tunnel so that it's hard to insert any special tool for opening lock without key.

This 5 opening method doesn't work



100 concepts of cosmetic packaging for sale

Ergonomic cream tube

Tube facilitation of cream�s giving out, through the practicality of the jar. Morevover jar can be detachable from the tube for going in the handbag as below. Of course jar and tube are automaticaly closed on unmouting position.



Hight tech interface work

Kissphone: give some kiss by distance

It reproduce your kiss (pressure, speed, suction force..)

You can save your kiss in answering machine


Website just published

More invention later


02 Data ontology creativity

Examples : Justice - Nutrition - Corporate communication - Human Resources:

I'm passionated about Applied Ontology that represents so big , unbelievable stakes in our new world of knowledge

Explanations about Ontology approach

Ontology objective is ordering datas in better way for better knowledge exploitation in any support (course, database, software, web, procedures...)

More http://fr.slideshare.net/NicolaGuarino1/21-years-of-applied-ontology

To Find new data exploitation

To Imagine new data creation

To Imagine new data sources

Fields: Ontlogy, Fundationnal ontology, Applied Ontology, Data minning, Big data, Data mining, Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), repository, Data classification, Semantic web,

Justice : Good faith calculator

food faith

....From notion to operational concept

Usefulness of this tool

Good faith is the starting step of any law judgement. According good

faith evaluation, we don't use the same law article and or we don't apply the law article in same way.

So it help anyone to integrate all aspects of good faith in lawsuit file with a good starting model that can evolve in open data platform and become reference model for classifying jurisprudence related to good faith.


Notion of Good faith in intuitive judgement used from Origins of Rome (Bona Fides) and finally since human are trying to live together in good relation.

Wisdom is associated to good people so that we think good people can evaluate good faith in best way. Yes and Not. They can be guardian of wisdom but they need some technical help for.

Health : Nutritional adviser

food choice

Integrate complex decision into logical way

Usefulness of this tool

Help to choose best food for you considering your situation.


Poster,  translated in all languages for poor people

Application , for rich people

Open data web system,  for feeding tree of decision with most recent scientificnutrition research

Management : Corporate project and communication dictionary


The good word in good explanation structure

Usefulness of this tool

Helping companies to have more complete and accurate explanation about their companies and/or their projects


This work is more confidential but you can read this thinking example from work in course

In analyzing5000 home page descriptions I listed 75 common kinds of explanation for our proposal (product, service,activity, institution�) I concluded that these most essentials are just these 3 ones.,From point of view of your audience.

�What it is ?� (quality) : Concept, obvious functions� �Why I need it ?� (relevance for customer) : Obvious Problem Answer for customer... �Why this one is the best for me ?� (superiority) : Obvious superiority about proposal or entity who guaranty this superiority

Human Resources: Canvas


Competencies versus capabilities

sefulness of this tool

This wotk in course in more confidential

It can help to check more complet and clear elments of competence and capabilityes for better recrutment.

Politics : Political candidate antimanipulative


Social intelligence Lying controler 

Another project in course

03 Media scenario creativity

A good history can bring so happiness or/and can help very well to understand something we want to communicate.

new ad idea

new movie idea

new kind of TV show

New kind of channel

New kind of show

New kind of event

Advertising example

Credit Card : "pay for any situation

A men in a suite and tie bump into a tramp with her trolley on the street The tramp ask him money. The men who don't want to waste time and money said him, sorry I have not coin Suddenly, the tramp brings out from her trolley a card reader and said him with big smile, no problem, you can settle up with American Express. American express . Pay for any situation.

TV show example

Human crash

In the same logic about investigation about crash of flight, the documentation can analyses some human cases in all the life for showing how from first problem like relational problem with someone we derived toward very bad situation.

Firstly, often we have no conscience how we can derive toward very situation time by time because we don't accept some past event and this this kind of documentation is for helping people to that for accepting big change in the life.

Secondly, of course, that can make very pleasant TV show like wan be TV show about air crash despite the drama.

Movie example

04 Software & Website concept creativity

A lot of time we want to make intensive high tech development inside any software or website of just graphic design.

Be that at is may, concept power, ergonomics quality and good function choice can make big difference face to competitors.

Software can be protected without code, so I keep some web and software ideas for future project possibilities

New concept of Software

New concept of Website

New ideas of function

New ideas of ergonomics (UX) interface amelioration

File manager application

I search some editor who want to launch new file manager application that can give at lest 10percent productivity to people who use computer or smart device

Corporate project and communication guide

Website just published, it will be completed time by time

 05 Business strategy creativity

Corporate Project
To propose new 
idea of project

Business Model

To imagine new 

kind of partnership
Busness Creativity

Industrial Applications

Find new application capable of 
making your researches profitable
Marketing Proposal
To invent new way 
to please customers

Fields: Technology Transfert, Business intelligence,

Business Model

Website just published, it will be completed time by time

I finish some study synthetis about this part

Corporate project

Marketing proposal

Industrial application

06 Architecture concept creativity

New aesthetic concept of building

New idea of building re-conversion

New ideas of building material

Other field explanation soon

Architecture renderings published later

Shower heat exchanger

Photographer work soon


Beautiful Architecture

Cute houses


Pictures soon

Changins code for backgournd image

Various Articles soon

Scrolling system

abstract art integratrion in future

I Will put some comments later

This website just been published after long work of coding

Traveler observer soon